Don’t be afraid of a little char. A little char is good.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit char. Just a little char is nice.
Photograph: Amanda Blum

“Crème brûlée Slut” would be the title of my biography. The factor is, even not-so-superior crème brûlée remains to be moderately scrumptious. It’s arduous to screw up whenever you throw cream and sugar collectively. I order it after I’m out as a result of I’ve led my life underneath the misunderstanding that it’s arduous to make at house, nevertheless it’s additionally fully believable my mind created that narrative so I don’t keep house, bingeing on crème brûlée and outdated TV reveals. However last month, when my kitchen counters couldn’t be accessed until I cleared them of tomatoes, I had an concept: tomato crème brûlée.

Crème brûlée is a custard that you just high with sugar, then soften (burn) that sugar with a purpose to kind a crust. What’s left is a glass-like sugar floor you break with a spoon, and beneath? Silky, easy custard.

There are a couple of methods to make the custard, and I attempted three standard recipes with comparable outcomes. The only was from Sally’s, in order that’s what I’d use shifting ahead, however you possibly can seize any recipe on the market and modify it for tomatoes.

The important thing to creating the tomato work is to essentially pressure it. You want it to be as easy as humanly doable. Begin with a pound of ripe tomatoes and chop them and mix them. We’re searching for Vitamix ranges of mixing. Cross it by way of a strainer, as high quality as you’ve. Now scale back the tomatoes over a low warmth till they’re lowered in quantity by half.

Make the recipe based on the recipe linked above, however mix the tomatoes and the heavy cream collectively earlier than you even begin the recipe. When you’ve blended them, pressure them once more earlier than you begin cooking the cream.

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Photograph: Amanda Blum

The ensuing crème brûlée could have a pleasant pink colour, with a creamy texture, however that slight trace of tomato acidity and a light-weight scent of vanilla. It’ll preserve within the fridge with out the sugar crust for a couple of days, so you possibly can unfold the enjoyment of the brûlée out over every week. The mixture of vanilla, cream, tomato, and sugar is simply too wealthy for summer time, however precisely what you want to dive into fall.