Dense ICs are virtually solely assembled with SMT parts and soldered in a reflow oven.

Nonetheless, it’s generally vital to incorporate THT parts on the circuit board. This has a decisive drawback: THT parts should be soldered otherwise, a second soldering course of is important.

THR parts, through-hole parts, are specifically designed for automated meeting and excessive thermal stress within the reflow oven.

Through the meeting course of, a paste is first printed into the vias for the THT pins, after which the part is pushed by means of the solder paste. Because the paste melts within the reflow oven, the liquid solder retracts into the vias because of wetting and capillary forces and varieties the solder joint.

The open fuse holder OGN is designed for five×20 fuses of varied varieties. It naturally complies with the tightened guidelines of glow wire resistance in line with IEC 60335-1. If desired, it may be transformed right into a closed fuse holder by the use of an optionally accessible cowl.

Within the close to future Schurter will supply the OGN for THR pre-assembled with a 5×20 fuse in blister packaging (tape & reel). This in line with buyer necessities for totally automated PCB meeting. Simply as SCHURTER is already doing with the OGN for SMT at the moment.