RVs are a preferred medium for weekend plans or for leisure journeys. They are often parked on the designated location or campsites for shelter. To swimsuit the totally different parking kinds of various RVs, stabilization jacks are used. They assist in transferring the load of RV from wheels to the bottom through jacks.

These jacks hold the RV leveled by adjusting the peak. For the reason that load is targeting the jacks, they have an inclination to sink into the bottom. The jack is rated on the jack pads to extend the floor space for load distribution. Choosing jack pads to your RV shouldn’t be a tricky job when sure components are thought-about.

  • Load bearing Capability: As talked about earlier, all the RV’s weight will get targeting the stabilizer jack and transfers onto the jack pads. Therefore, a great load-bearing capability is anticipated from these jack pads. Calculating the overall weight of your loaded RV will enable you determine on the jack pad with the proper load-bearing capability.
  • Sturdiness: Together with the load of the RV, the jack pads endure harsh outside circumstances. The seasons have totally different results on these pads. The jack pads could develop cracks and even break. You wouldn’t need that to occur when your RV is loaded. Therefore the sturdiness of the jack pad provides a person the required confidence to depend on them.
  • Stackability: Largely single jack pads are sufficient for each stabilizer jack. However when the need arrives, they are often stacked to extend the load-bearing capability. Jack pads are additionally stacked to maintain an additional jack pad for backup in case one fails. The stacked pads additionally slot in with one another and they don’t slide, making certain stability and security.

Maintaining these components on the topmost precedence, you’ll be able to simply choose the very best RV jack pad. Since the marketplace for RV equipment is filled with many aggressive manufacturers, everybody has their very own model of jack pads. We have now made a listing of those jack pads together with their specification. A “Shopping for Information” can also be mentioned to help your choice course of.

Finest RV Jack Pads

Finest RV Jack Pads Critiques

1. Tri-Lynx RV Jack Pads

Tri-Lynx is among the main producers within the RV levelers market. Designing their merchandise by retaining the shoppers in thoughts helped them conquer a great share of the RV accent market.

The Tri-Lynx 00019 RV Jack Pad is an progressive pad. The pad is 8.5-inch lengthy, 8.5-inch wider, and 3-inch thick. This helps within the balanced distribution of the RV load on the jack pads. The pads are suitable with different Tri-Lynx merchandise on account of their design. They simply interlock with one another and don’t slip in any approach. This property helps to stack these pads over one another for elevated load carrying capability.

In case of top limitations, these pads will be positioned facet by facet and they’re going to nonetheless supply a great load-bearing capability. These pads assist the stabilizer jacks with out bending. In absence of the stabilizer jacks, these pads will also be used with the RV wheels by retaining them under the wheels.

Finest Options:

  • 5-inch lengthy, 8.5-inch broad, and 3-inch thick
  • Is available in a pack of Four pads
  • Improved interlocking design
  • Adaptive stacking top


  • Appropriate for stabilizer jacks
  • Appropriate for under-the-wheel use
  • Good weight distribution


  • Solely suitable with Tri-Lynx merchandise

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2. Camco RV Jack Pads

Camco RV Jack PadsCamco is a widely known title relating to RV-related merchandise. Their experience of 50+ years will be seen of their vary of high quality merchandise. Camco has a product in each phase of RV equipment which helps the buyer to pick as per their necessities.

The Camco Stabilizer Jack Pad is among the heavy-duty choices obtainable in the marketplace. It’s 6.5-inches broad and 6.5-inches longer in measurement, which is large enough to accommodate a stabilizer jack. This dimension ensures that the pads will distribute the load evenly and won’t sink into the bottom. Additionally it is appropriate with fifth-wheel jacks and swing-down stabilizers.

The jack pads are made up of polypropylene which is UV stabilized. It ensures no degradation of the jack pad occurs when it is available in contact with the UV rays. The jack pad additionally encompasses a deal with for holding the pad simply. The design of the pad helps them in stacking over one another. To help the stacking, a strap can also be offered to maintain the pads in place.

Finest Options:

  • The pad is 6.5-inch lengthy and 6.5-inch broad
  • Made out of UV-stabilized polypropylene
  • Supplied with deal with for simple carrying
  • Storage strap for stacking the pads
  • Is available in a pack of Four pads


  • Weight distribution is sweet
  • The design makes stacking the pad attainable
  • Suitable with swing-down stabilizers and fifth-wheel jacks


  • Not appropriate with hydraulic jacks

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3. SnapPad RV Jack Pad

SnaPad RV Jack PadsSnapPad could be a newcomer to the RV equipment market, however they’ve their objective fastened. They develop their merchandise in a technique to make the RV leveling expertise higher.

The SnapPad Xtra RV Leveling Jack Pad is an adaptive kind of jack pad. It may be used briefly or will be fitted to the RV jacks completely. That is attainable because of the design of the pad. It will probably accommodate an ordinary stabilizer jack foot of a 9-inch spherical measurement. The scale of the jack pad is bigger sufficient to distribute the load evenly. It additionally gives vibration dampening and enhances security.

These pads are sturdy since they’re made out of recycled tires and high-strength resin. The jack pads are additionally proof against the UV-rays, water, and different environmental components. These pads are anti-slip and will be stacked upon one another. Being a 6-pad pack, they’re sufficient to your RVs, trailer properties, or another kinds of RVs.

Finest Options:

  • Suits 9-inch spherical stabilizer foot
  • Adaptive design for everlasting or non permanent installations
  • Weatherproof and proof against UV-rays
  • Made out of recycled tires blended with high-strength resin
  • Is available in a pack of 6 pads


  • The pads are setting pleasant
  • Sturdy and excessive load carrying capability
  • Can be utilized on uneven terrains
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Not appropriate for smaller, non-round jack foot

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4. Camco RV Jack Pads

Camco RV Jack Pads As talked about earlier, Camco has a wider vary of merchandise designed by retaining the buyer wants in thoughts. The following product is the sibling of the Camco 44595 jack pad.

The Camco 44600 RV Jack Pad is among the common jak pads obtainable. It’s suitable with many pads from totally different manufacturers because of its physique design. Being 8.5-inch lengthy and eight.5-inch broad, the pad absorbs the load of the RV with out sinking within the gentle floor. The pads will also be rested on uneven surfaces and they’re going to adapt the form to that floor.

This pad is made up of recyclable supplies and makes it an eco-friendly choice. It’s versatile sufficient to accommodate the jack foot with out bending below stress. The pads will be stacked over and they won’t slip. It’s UV-resistant and weatherproof which finally will increase its sturdiness.

Finest Options:

  • The pads size and width are 8.5-inch
  • Made out of recyclable supplies
  • Suitable with jack pads from Camco or different manufacturers
  • Weatherproof and UV-resistant


  • Appropriate for uneven floor circumstances
  • The pad is versatile to accommodate the jack foot with out cracking
  • The pads will be stacked over, with out slipping


  • The two-pad pack is inadequate for multiple-jack RVs

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5. High quality Plastics RV Jack Pads

Quality Plastics RV Jack PadsHigh quality Plastics is an progressive model that makes use of new applied sciences to fabricate its merchandise. Therefore they’re fairly in style amongst RV fanatics. They’ve a wider vary of RV-related merchandise to reinforce your tenting expertise.

The High quality Plastic Utility Block makes use of progressive manufacturing strategies. It’s made out of the injection molding course of. The pad is 10-inch lengthy, 10-inch broad, and 6-inch thick. These dimensions assist the jack pad to bear heavy masses from the RVs simply. The jack pad evenly distributes the load with out sinking within the floor.

This jack pad will be stacked over one another with out slipping. They’re simple alternative choices for the common wood pads since they provide a bonus over the wood pads. Being sturdy, they will face up to outside circumstances simply. They’re supplied in a pack of 4, ample to assist RVs and trailer properties.

Finest Options:

  • The pad measurement is 10x10x6-inch
  • Is available in a 4-pad pack
  • Made up from injection molding
  • Excessive load-bearing capability


  • The pads are sturdy
  • They provide good leveling of the jacks
  • They are often stacked over one another with out slipping


  • The value is increased than the rivals

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6. Homeon Wheels RV Jack Pads

Homeon Wheels RV Jack PadsHomeon Wheels is a quality-driven model. It has a great vary of merchandise that are accepted all around the world. On prime of this, the after-sales service of this model retains the wants of shoppers fulfilled.

The Homeon Wheels RV Jack Pad affords a great weight distribution for the RV masses. That is attainable because of the bigger dimension of those pads which is 7.2×7.2-inch. The gap between all of the resting nuts of the pads is 6.85-inches. These dimensions assist the pad to supply excessive load-bearing capability with out sinking into the bottom. The pads are subsequently suitable with 5-wheel jacks or swing-down stabilizers.

The pads are made up of weatherproof polypropylene which might face up to environmental assaults and UV-ray assaults. The built-in handles assist to hold the jack pads simply. A strap is included to help the stacking[g of the jack pads. The honeycomb design of the pads helps it to be used on muddy surfaces too.

Best Features:

  • 2-inch long and 7.2-inch wide
  • The distance between the pad foot nuts is 6.85-inch
  • Honeycomb design for improved weight distribution
  • Built-in handle for easy carrying and strap for stacking
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant body made up of polypropylene
  • Comes in a pack of 4 pads


  • Easily stackable without slipping
  • Suitable for muddy surfaces
  • Compatible with fifth-wheel or swing-down stabilizer jacks


  • Not compatible with other brand’s pads

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7. RoadWarrior RV Jack Pad

RoadWaarrior RV Jack PadsRoadWarrior is an innovative sub-brand of DICA. It has a dedicated development process that includes using alternative high-quality materials to enhance its products’ durability. RoadWarrior also keeps an eye on the changing market, to adapt its products to consumer needs.

The RoadWarrior RV Jack Pad is a heavy-duty pad. Made of lightweight materials, this round jack pad has a 15-inch diameter. The thickness is equal to 1.5-inch. These dimensions help the jack pad to bear loads up to 50,000 lbs easily. The pad can be stacked easily without slipping. For hydraulic jacks, this pad can withstand a maximum pressure of 400 lbs.

The pad has no sharp edges and can be easily carried with the TuffGrip handles. The pad is waterproof and can withstand impacts without breaking. The pad adapts to the soft ground conditions and offers stability to the jacks. Being a high-capacity pad, it comes in a pack of the single pad only.

Best Features:

  • 15-inch diameter and 1.5-inch thick
  • The load-bearing capacity of 50,000 lbs
  • The maximum allowable pressure is 400 lbs
  • Pad is made up of lightweight and waterproof material
  • Gripped handle included for easy handling


  • Better distribution of the load due to the round shape
  • Suitable for muddy or soft surfaces
  • Supports stacking of pads


  • Only one pad comes with every pack

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8. Swess RV Jack Pads

Swess RV Jack PadsSwess manufactures leveling blocks for RVs. It strives to manufacture high-quality products with an affordable price tag. Their products also feature innovative designs which assist their product performance.

The Swess RV Stabilizer Jack Pad is a high-strength pad. It is made up of a reinforced honeycomb design which offers a good load-bearing capacity. This design also increases the impact resistance of the pad and allows better distribution of the load to the pads. The pad is 14-inch long and 12-inch wider in size, which allows enough surface contact for good load bearing.

The pad also comes with a built-in handle which can be used to carry the pads with ease. The design of the pad allows the stacking of more pads over each other, without slipping. These pads are suitable for flat surfaces and help prevent the sinking of the stabilizer jacks in the ground. It comes in a pack of 2 pads, sufficient for single jacks.

Best Features:

  • Pad is 14-inch longer and 12-inch wider
  • Designed with reinforced honeycomb structure for proper weight distribution
  • Built-in handle to easily carry the pads
  • Comes in a pack of 2 pads


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Suitable for single jacks as well as multiple jacks
  • The pads are stackable and do not sink into the ground


  • The pack includes only 2 pads

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9. GarfatolRv RV Jack Pads

GarfatolRv RV Jack PadsGarfatolRV was a small retailer of RV accessories that started manufacturing quality RV accessories. Since then, it has been providing consumer-focused products making it an ideal choice for RV accessories.

The GarfatolRV RV Jack Pads are designed to ensure proper weight distribution. This is taken care of by the wider 7.2×7.2-inch size of the pad. The size ensures no sinking of the pads will take place due to heavy loads. The rib construction on the inner side of the pads helps in bearing heavy loads of the RV. The pads are resistant to water, moisture, and other environmental elements. The UV resistance prevents the creeping of the pad under sunlight.

This RV jack pad also has an inbuilt handle to easily carry the pad anywhere. The pads are self interlocking which helps in stacking them over each other, without slipping. To store the pads, a velcro strap is also provided to bundle the pads. It comes in a pack of 4 pads, sufficient for RVs, trailer homes, and other vehicles.

Best Features:

  • Pad size of 7.2 by 7.2-inch
  • Anti-sinking design made up of high-impact polyethylene material
  • Inner rib construction for better load bearing
  • Total 4 pads are provided in a single pack
  • Comes with a handle for carrying the pads


  • Easy to stack and store with the velcro strap
  • The pad is weatherproof and resists UV-rays
  • Compatible with RVs, trailer homes, etc


  • The pad thickness is less compared to the competitors

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10. Mytee RV Jack Pads

Mytee RV Jack PadsMytee Products are a leading brand in the trucking market. It offers a range of durable products, which undergo strict testing in the development phase. These tests also result in uncompromised product quality.

The Mytee Products Round Outrigger Pad is a heavy-duty pad. It is a lightweight polyethylene pad of 15-inch diameter. The thickness of the pad is 1.5-inch which easily handles heavy loads. Speaking of the loading capacity, it can withstand loads up to 50,000 lbs. The pad has a crushing rating of 200 psi, enough to bear the compressive force of the jacks.

The pad can also bear loads of 25,000 lbs in inclined conditions of 45 degrees. The pad also has a rope handle, to easily carry the pads anywhere. The pad has a round shape, which offers greater stability and evenly distribution of the load. The packs consist of 2 pads, which are sufficient for dual-jack systems.

Best Features:

  • Round shaped pad of 15-inch diameter
  • 5-inch thick pad made up of high-density polyethylene material
  • High load bearing capacity of 50,000 lbs
  • Inclined load bearing capacity of 25,000 lbs
  • Crush rating of up to 200 lbs


  • Uniform weight distribution
  • Withstands heavy compression by the stabilizer jacks without cracking
  • The handle is also provided to carry the pads anywhere


  • The pack comes with only 2 pads

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Buying Guide For The Best RV Jack Pads

The RV accessories help in providing a comfortable and safer camping experience. The jack pads may look small but they play an important role in parking an RV. Such jack pads were discussed above, along with their features. These features play an important role in the jack pad’s performance. If you are a bit skeptical about these features/factors, we suggest you go through this buying guide. It will cover every factor in a detailed way.

1. Load bearing Capacity

The load of the RV is transferred from the stabilization jacks to the jack pads. To select the jack pads, a calculation of the gross RV weight is important. The load-bearing capacity must be higher than the total weight of the loaded RV. Lower capacity jack pads are bound to break under heavy loads, leading to accidents. The common load-bearing capacity of the jack pads is between 30,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds. This rating is suitable for RVs, trailers, and other types of camping vehicles. The high-performance jack pads can go on to offer 50,000 pounds load capacity or even more.

2. Durability

Durability is always given importance while buying a jack pad. Cracking or creeping of these pads will be dangerous for the RV occupants.  The high load-bearing capacity of a jack pad is of no use if it does not withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The jacks pads hence are provided with waterproofing to increase their durability. The pad materials are selected carefully since every other material acts differently when in contact with oxygen, water, heat, and other elements. Most of the time, jack pads with an industrial grade are ideal options. They are durable and don’t give up in any type of harsh condition.

3. Number of pads

The total number of pads can be decided by calculating the load of the Rv and the number of stabilizer jacks available for it. Most of the RVs have a minimum of 2 to 4 jacks. Hence many manufacturers sell them in a pack of 4. Single jack pads are also available if your application is limited to one. As the jacks are bound to heavy loads and changing outdoor conditions, a spare jack pad can be used to ensure safety. A pack of multiple jack pads is cheaper than a single jack pad. Also, the multiple jack pack helps in providing the same sized jack pads. The 4 to 10-piece pack hence becomes an ideal option.

4. Dimension

The dimension of a jack pad plays an important role in RV stability. They are designed to withstand compressive forces from the jacks, yet they hardly take space. The jack pad should be large enough to accommodate the jack. Wider jack pads offer a large surface area for the jacks. It helps in distributing the load easily and improves stability. It also prevents the jack from sinking. They also need to be thick enough to provide resistance to bending which causes the pads to rupture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of surface is suitable for jack pads?

Ans: The RV jack pads work fine on any surface as long as it is flat. The surface must be clean of debris, rocks, or any other things which may affect the leveling of the jack pads. The surface should also be checked for cracks.

2. What is the best size of the jack pads?

Ans: The ground condition and the size of the stabilizer jacks can determine the size of the jack pad. A wider pad can be used on soft grounds, which offers a large surface area. The pad must be large enough to accommodate the stabilizing jack.

3. How are RV jack pads installed?

Ans: The installation process of the jack pads is easy. The simple way is to level up the ground. Then extend the stabilizer jacks. The resting point of these jacks is the place where jack pads need to be positioned. Rest the jack on the pads and check for the leveling of the RV.

4. Does every RV need jack pads?

Ans: Not every RV comes with stabilizer jacks. Some RVs have their wheel onto which the whole load acts upon. Only the RVs with jacks need the jack pads to keep the RV stable. This is because most of them have wheel axles at the rear size while on the front, the towing hitch exists.

5. How many jack pads can be stacked up?

Ans: The RV jack pads can be stacked up if they have stackability. They are provided with non-slip materials to help them stack over each other. The number of pads depends on the amount of load exerted by the RV. A maximum stacking height is also specified to avoid the toppling of the pads.


Various RV jack pads were discussed today, from the kist. This accessory might look small but has a major role in balancing the stationery RVs. The selection process of these jack pads is not hard when the features and important factors are kept in mind. We also included a buying guide and FAQs to clear any doubt related to these specifications. Keeping all these discussions in mind, we have selected our favorite options from this list.

  • The first option fulfills the load-bearing capacity requirements. The Mytee Products RV jack pad is a lightweight and heavy-duty pad. With a maximum load bearing capacity of 50,000 lbs, this 15-inch pad is able to withstand the weight of a heavy-loaded RV. The thickness of 1.5-inch offers resistance to the jack’s compressive force of 200 psi. This pad can also bear a load of 25,000 lbs at a 45-degree inclined position. The round shape resists the sinking of the pad into the ground. The pad also sports a handle to carry the pads anywhere easily.
  • The next option is the RoadWarrior RV jack pad which is also a heavy-duty option. It is made up of lightweight material. The pad has a diameter of 15-inch which offers a larger surface area for the pads to uniformly distribute the load of RV. The thickness of 1.5-inch offers pressure resistance up to 400 lbs. The pad supports stacking and can be placed upon each other. The material is waterproof and hence withstands environmental attacks. The reason this option is lost to the Mytee jack pad is the absence of inclined load-bearing capacity. This option still has an upper hand of affordable price tag, making it a value-for-money deal.
  • The last option is an affordable offering from Camco. The Camco 4455 Rv jack pad is the most affordable heavy-duty option available on the market. The size of 6.5 by 6.5-inch helps in distributing the load uniformly. The size keeps the pad away from sinking. Being weatherproof, it withstands environmental attacks thereby increasing its durability. To carry the pad easily, a gripped handle is also attached to the pad. Total 4 pads come in the pack at an affordable price tag, thereby proving that camping need not be an expensive experience.